Tuesday, May 3, 2011

House Hunting

I HATE house hunting! Nothing is PERFECT! I really like our house now so its hard to find something that will work with all the demands we have with the kids, Amber's crafting area and loving to hosting lots of people! Most of the houses I have looked at are laid out so odd and I don't think I could make them work. I looked at 2 house tonight one was decent and I could make it work its just that the living room is pretty small and thats where I spend most of my time with the kids so I don't want to feel so trapped! Oh well I know the right place is out there its just I wish I knew where to look and when!

Well I was going to watch a movie and fall asleep but I am really sleepy now so I think its early to bed for this girl!

I will leave you with two pictures of Ella from today! These make me laugh!


Monday, May 2, 2011

I am so bad at this whole blogging thing

I am awful at this blogging thing but now maybe since I have a follower (Hi Kristen!) it will challenge me to blog more!

Well a whole month went by and I didn't blog about anything and so I will catch you up a little bit but with very little words.

-April 1st Opening Day for the Diamondbacks! Go Dbacks!
-Solace had its first "big" show with our buds War of Ages and a few other Facedown Bands it was a blast!
-Drove to Albuquerque, NM at the beginning of the month for my friends Brandi and Levi's wedding (I drove 12.5 straight through the night! It was a fun accomplishment!)
-While I Breathe had a reunion show and it was awesome and so great to see so many faces I hadn't seen in years!
-We (Solace) got to host one of my very favorite bands My Epic it was a night of blessing!
-Solace hosted its first Good Friday service and it was awesome!

And now that pretty much brings you up to speed we are in May now! I cannot believe that its May already!

On Saturday I went bargin hunting with Kristen and Daniel these were my finds!

            All items here cost me $3.75!
Also on Saturday I went to a Birthday party for my friend Micah and let me tell you that family knows how to host a party! It was truly a fiesta! 

So I have started to coupon clip! Its been fun and I am not too awesome at it just yet but I am hoping to get there! There is a lot to learn! This is what my front room looked like Sunday afternoon

Today was Ravioli Day these pictures say everything;

So much fun to clean up! Haha!

Ok its time for sleep but I want to live you with some of my favorite faces! I get to spend my days with these cuties!

Don't they just make you smile?! :)