Sunday, September 30, 2012

Great Day of Service

Today as a church family we joined forces with several other churches (I heard about 3,000 people were a part of this event) in the Joplin area to serve our community in the Great Day of Service! It was such a blessing to give in such a way as helping people who are not physically capable to do their yard work and just make the block of Joplin and C street a more beautiful place! It brings me great joy to see events like today when the body of Christ comes together to serve others and each other. There was a giant family picnic and worship in the park to conclude the day! It seems as though I received a small glimpse of heaven today! So blessed by today!Image
This is Larry! Really enjoyed talking to him today!ImageImageImageImageImage

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My passion gets renewed

Yesterday was a perfect day in my book! Although it was hard getting out of bed, once I was out of bed it was a beautiful day! I got to wear my rain boots, my hooded windbreaker, and have hot tea on my way into work! (oh and maybe the fact that it was a Friday helped my mood a little bit too!).
My fabulous 4 year olds were exactly that yesterday! We talked about Respect for the day and each and everyone of them still had their name on the board at the end of the day (thats a good thing that means they get to pull a treat from Mr. Owl!).
After work we had a local show at Solace! I will be honest its been awhile since I have really enjoyed a show like I did last night. Last night was an all local show and I was so very proud of our kids the promoted they crap out of that show and it paid off with 158 kids in attendance! I just had a great time with the kids last night, it really quite honestly was what I needed to restore the passion of that ministry to me! They are the reason we do this! As I write that tears fill my eyes! I truly do love them and its only possible because the love of Christ compels me (2 Cor. 5:14).
I am beyond blessed by the opportunity to live this life that I am living right now!

Friday, September 7, 2012


St. Louis bound for the weekend! Ryan and Mary are getting married so Kristen, Daniel and I are making a mini vaca out of it. Zoo on Saturday, City Museum on Sunday!