Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30th

Tomorrow is Halloween! Fun day at school with the kids and then onto a fun party with friends! Any excuse to dress up and have fun is good for me! Happy hallows eve!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So this is fun, today my friend (we have yet met in person but I swear we will be best friends one day in real life) Lindsy is doing a blog link up about tattoo stories. So here it goes my tattoo stories!

I started tattoos late in life. I never really wanted tattoos because when I was younger I always thought that Christians shouldn't have them. And one day I got over that mindset and thought that maybe someday I would get one. However, my mother really does not like the idea of them and being a daughter who ALWAYS aimed to please her parents, I wasn't even sure if I would ever follow through. And here I am 6 tattoos later and still wanting more! Don't worry my mom still loves me.

Here are my stories:

August 7 2010 (First Tattoo)-Ankle
A band from Alabama was in town playing Joplin and was crashing on my floor for the night and their drummer had a tattoo machine with him so we thought it would be fun to allow him to have some practice and give us all tattoos (8 of us) until this point he had only tattooed himself before. I went last and was the only one who had something different done. Fun fact; the guy who tattooed me, has this on his thigh because he wanted to practice it on himself first.

Here she is; my little night owl (tattooed on me at 5am in my living room).

August 13th 2010 (Second Tattoo)-Left Wrist
$13 Friday the 13th tattoos after a show one night!

At some point had this one colored in and added significance to it (because I am the type of person who needs significance for my ink) with a reminder from the book of Hebrews.

August 30th 2010
Had tattoo #1 colored in by an apprentice and it still looks pretty awful but oh well its about the memories! And the significance behind this one is that since I was a child my mom has called me her little night owl.

January 8th 2011 (Third Tattoo)- Right Shoulder blade
This was a best friend tattoo my friend Kristen and I got these done together! This one was done by the same apprentice as above.  Not super awesome but still fun!

June 17th 2011 (Fourth Tattoo and largest tattoo)- Left upper arm
I began my half sleeve. This tattoo I was the most excited about and by far is the best tattoo I have. The first time I heard the song "Oh how He loves us" I was completely overwhelemed by the picture of God's grace that is portrayed in this song. The line "If grace in an ocean we're all sinking" gave me the most vivid picture of what its like to just be drowning in grace that you cannot escape it.  I took the lyrics to the guy I knew I wanted to do my tattoo and highlighted the verses that I wanted him to incorporate into my piece and here is his original sketch and outline from that day.

Sometime later on that summer (Fifth Tattoo)- Right calf
Some of my best friends and guys who I consider my brothers were in a band called Take it Back! As a band they adapted the hobo symbol for safe camp as their band logo and we all (the band plus several family and friends) have this tattooed on us.

p.s. most painful tattoo

June 2012 (Sixth Tattoo)- Right shin
So I really really loved the movie Gnomeo and Juliette. There is something just fun and whimsical about gnomes. My grandmother passed away in December (2011) and she loved sunflowers and gardening so as tribute to her and the fact that I just love gnomes. I got this little guy (actually big guy, he turned out to be a bit bigger than I would have liked but it was free so I can't really complain.

And just last Saturday I finished my half sleeve FINALLY a whole year later! I am so happy with how it turned out! Here it is;

Here is my tattoo artist Dustin Gray (he did my arm and will do all my other tattoos from here on out) he is funny, we have inside jokes which is why he is wearing this cowboy sheriff hat.
And those are my tattoo stories! Thanks for reading! 

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