Friday, January 4, 2013


         I stumbled across this idea last year. This idea of choosing one word to be your focus for the entire year, the word that aspires you to greatness in the new year. Even though I am a list maker and like to check things off my list, the idea of making a list of resolutions that I will probably forget in 6 months seems a little defeating. If you are a resolutioner (my word) more power to ya!
        My word last year was the word Remain. The idea of remaining in Christ and remaining ever present in all of life. I feel like the word Remain really helped me remember who I am in Christ and remember to not let my current circumstances dictate my attitude for the day. So looking back on my one word I would say that it allowed me to accomplish much in the past year!
        This year I am so so excited about my one word. It took me a lot longer to choose my word this year. Last year, I just felt like God made the word a reoccurring word in all my reading and I felt like he whispered the word to me asking me to "Remain." This year was much different. I had lots of words jumbled in my mind and I was having a hard time committing to just one word. I wanted a word that was something almost similar to last year (so I thought) because I felt like being reminded to remain allowed me to find beauty in most of the chaos of life. And I wanted that reminder again. But that seemed too easy I knew God was asking me to go deeper. After sorting through words, praying and seeking God in the silence I felt like he said "discover." Discover? Discover what? And thats when I started to get really excited about my word! This year will be a year of Discovery!
Discover; Find, uncover. Reach, attain. (Now for the list)...

  • God
  • Time
  • Memories
  • Adventures (this will be hard because sometimes adventures make me nervous)
  • Places
  • Friends
  • Projects (I hope to learn new skills that will help me with this one)
  • Life
  • Peace
  • Information 
  • Books
  • Films
  • Me

Here is to a year of discovery, learning, change and hopefully a ton of fun!

I would like to thank Melanie for the gift of my one word button! Thanks sweet friend!

Also for the few of you who actually read this, I will be moving to a new URL with a whole new blog makeover in the very near future! Stay tuned! So excited!

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